Friday, August 28, 2009

Shawlette obsession and a return to blogging?

This summer has been the summer of the shawl for me (and many others on ravelry I've noticed). I've been obsessed and have knit quite a few.

Most recently Damson by Ysolde Teague (which I'm wearing right now to keep the chill off in my cold cold cubicle!)
Turner Damson Finished (2)

Before that it was a textured shawl. I think I'll be giving this one to my friend Kisha for her bridal shower this weekend. I love it, but I'm starting to think I may have too many triangular shawls for one person...
Silky Textured Shawl (1)

Before that it was Clothilde, which was a really fun knit. I ended up giving it to my mom when she came to visit right after her birthday. I always know she'll appreciate my handknits and that's the best kind of person to give them to.
Impressionist Sky Clothilde (3)

Before Clothilde I made Milkweed which I love and wear all the time. The squishy garter stitch makes it warm and cozy around my neck.
Milkweed shawl blocked

Before Milkweed was a Shetland Triangle for my friend and co-worker Barb. She had asked for a shawl after seeing my Ishbel back in March, with the only requirement that it was black.
Shetland Triangle (5)

I haven't used this blog much (ok at all), but I keep thinking I should try, and after seeing Kiersten's new life in Austin blog (Berry and Bramble)I was feeling inspired. Let's see if it sticks this time!

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