Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Murder, She Wrote...

Recently I realized that netflix on demand is pretty much the best thing ever. I can watch shows I like (a little delayed, yes) without being tied to the tv or waiting for dvds in the mail. What's available is still limited, but they're adding more shows and movies all the time.

Last night I wanted something to watch while knitting and stumbled across the first season of Murder, She Wrote . I loved this show when I was younger (pre-cursor to my current obsession with crime dramas maybe?) though I don't remember most of them as I think I stopped watching before reaching my teens. I found the pilot episode and knit my way through it, working on my new shawl.

Indiecita Melody Shawl Heart (2)

I see many more nights knitting and watching this show in my future... they did make 12 seasons after all!