Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby Things!

I am so excited, I found out today that two of my friends at work are pregnant! First of all I'm excited because they're both great, and are going to be so cute pregnant, and... BABIES!!!

Secondly, I'm psyched because I get to knit baby stuff! A few things I want to do:
EZ February Sweater

Saartje's Booties

Curlicue Coverlet

Baby Surprise Jacket

And I'm sure other things to be added!

In actual knitting news, I've made some progress on the Lucy Cardigan, but it's been somewhat slow. I've found that cardigans go slower than pullovers, with all the purling... :\

Monday, October 1, 2007


So, this weekend was the beginning of the real rainy season here in Seattle. Because of this, there was no house painting done. Also because of this, I made progress on my Lucy in the Sky cardigan! I've now got about 3.5 to 4 inches knit, which is awesome. The pattern says to work until the piece measures 13.5 inches though and I think I'll need to lengthen it to make it wearable on me. Basically with my additional inches it's like I'm starting at the bottom now. Ah well, I've got a road trip in my future, and hopefully I'll be able to knit a lot while M drives. We'll be in the car for a long time as we're going to L.A. to see my family. I'm excited because Mat hasn't seen my L.A., where I grew up, my parents houses, Topanga! My step mom is also throwing us an engagement party, which should be fun, and it gives us a chance to see a lot of people we wouldn't otherwise. Yay vacation!