Monday, October 1, 2007


So, this weekend was the beginning of the real rainy season here in Seattle. Because of this, there was no house painting done. Also because of this, I made progress on my Lucy in the Sky cardigan! I've now got about 3.5 to 4 inches knit, which is awesome. The pattern says to work until the piece measures 13.5 inches though and I think I'll need to lengthen it to make it wearable on me. Basically with my additional inches it's like I'm starting at the bottom now. Ah well, I've got a road trip in my future, and hopefully I'll be able to knit a lot while M drives. We'll be in the car for a long time as we're going to L.A. to see my family. I'm excited because Mat hasn't seen my L.A., where I grew up, my parents houses, Topanga! My step mom is also throwing us an engagement party, which should be fun, and it gives us a chance to see a lot of people we wouldn't otherwise. Yay vacation!

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