Thursday, November 29, 2007


While I obviously am a bad blogger, I've been doing a bit better with the knitting lately.

Progress has been made on Lucy...

And since then even more. I've finished both sleeves and am ready to join to the body. Unfortunately, this will be my second attempt at the joining. For some reason,(probably because the second smallest size would seem to fit me best)I thought I made the second smallest size of this sweater. So I followed the joining instructions for that size and continued merrily along, getting six very long rows done before realizing that something looked a little odd. Eventually I decided that something really was wrong, lay the sweater down and took a good hard look. The fronts were different sizes... very different. The left front looked normal, and the right front was mini. Like, very mini, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I fought back the despair that threatened to drag me down and started tinking back. (Unless I'm starting over, ripping back really makes me nervous, I never think I'll be able to find all those stitches again.) Six rows later I had my original sleeves and body back. I put the sweater away, and refused to think about it for a few days.
After gathering my courage, I finally decided it was time to figure out what I had done wrong. After counting the stitches (three or four times), I incredulously realized I had made the smallest size. The 30 inch bust size... for my 36 inches around self. Needless to say, Lucy has been languishing since then. I will finish, but maybe not right away.

Instead of finishing Lucy, I made a scarf.

It was short, (actually it's quite short) sweet, and it made me happy after the Lucy fiasco. Also, I think it will make a lovely present for my secret santa at work, who is four months pregnant and always cold (though I'll have to find a nice closure for it first). It is made from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky and the pattern is from One Skein.

Also, I've been working on wisp.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Kidsilk Haze? No? That's because I didn't realize it until I had been working on this thing for a while. This yarn is basically string. Fuzzy string. That sheds. And has no give. I hate it. But the finished product is turning out lovely, and that's what counts. It was meant to be a bachelorette party gift for my friend who got married in August, but it wasn't done. Then I thought I'd give it to her for her birthday in November, but it wasn't done. Then I realized if I wanted to finish it, I would actually have to work on it concertedly, so I have been. Actually it's all I've been knitting lately, which is why my hatred for the is yarn running so deep.

In stash enhancement news, my mom was here over Thanksgiving weekend (which was wonderful, thanks for asking), and she bought me some beautiful yarn when we went to Hilltop. It is two skeins of Handmaiden Great Big Sea, which is absolutely divine. I think I'll use it to make Clapotis, because it is gorgeous, and I have to make something really beautiful with this.

Later,what I want to make people for holiday gifts, and debates on whether I'm actually delusional or just optimistic.

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KreativeMix said...

You're making awesome progress :-) can't wait to see the final product.